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Cool and Heat More efficiently and save money!


KoolMAXX is a synthetic product that improves the efficiency of your cooling system (and your heating system if you have a heat pump) by removing the "oil fouling" in your system that started reducing  the efficiency of your equipment's performance from the time you first started using the equipment. This improvement in efficiency is accomplished by KoolMAXX removing the "oil fouling" that has built up on the inside of the coils of your equipment. (Click on the "Product" tab above to see how this happens)


By removing the oil fouling, we return your system to its' designed state, which allows the refrigerant to flow throughout the system without being restricted by the oil fouling.  By removing the "oil fouling", which acts as an insulating barrier between the cold refrigerant and the metal coil, the heat transfer is greatly improved also.


The result is that you typically realize up to 20% or more improved efficiency, resulting in up to 20% or more savings on air conditioning costs, reduced maintenance costs, along with extending the life of the equipment.






Velda Wigum, Panama City Beach
I am very thankful to KoolMAXX. Your professionals hooked up the data Loggers and showed me how much KoolMAXX could save. We discovered that I can save over $3,000.00 per year with the KoolMAXX treatment. It’s pure overhead I’m reducing. Now I can’t wait to see my power bill. Thanks KoolMAXX.

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